Can Coatings


Can Coatings

Can coating is defined as coating in fluid state on the surface of cans to form a thin layer that is hardened on the surface with special performance. Its purpose is to protect and decorate various cans.

Products for 3Pieces Oil-based Coating

Internal/External Coating for Food Tubes - Fruit

Processed fruit (tomato ketchup, peaches, etc.), fish (mackerel, pacific saury, etc.), sauces (hot pepper paste, soybean paste, mixed paste, etc.), sesame oil can, and confectioneries (candies, peanuts, etc.).

Internal/External Coating for Beverage Tubes

Carbonated beverages, juice, coffee, oolong tea, etc.

Internal/External Coating for Art Museums

Aluminum or steel coating for toys, batteries, metal accessories, etc.

Internal/External Coating for Cap

Crown Caps
Caps for beer and soda bottles, etc.
Lug Caps
Caps for Vegemil, grape juice, orange juice bottles, etc
PP Caps
Caps for Bacchus, Vita 500, Vita Power, Guangdongtang, Miero Fiber, Chamiseul, and other Soju products.

Internal/External Coating for Tubes

Internal/External Coating for Tubes

Internal/External Coating for DRD Tubes

Tuna, Jangjorim

Internal/External Coating for Various Cans

3Piece beverage cans, 18ℓ cans, DRD tubes, food tube caps, etc


External coating for drums, pails, 18ℓ cans, 4ℓ cans, etc.

Products for 2Pieces Water-based External Coating

Carbonated beverages

Alcoholic beverages, such as beer

Coffee cans, such as Maxwell, Let’s Be, etc.

Teas, such as green tea, Ceylon tea, and 17 Tea

Traditional Korean beverages, such as Sikhye, Sujeonggwa, etc.

Peach, mango, tropical fruit, plum, apple juice, etc.

Sports drinks, such as Pocari Sweat, When You Need 2%, Powerade, Getorade, etc.

Healthy drinks, such as Eye of Pine, Red Ginseng, etc.