Ethical Management

Ethical Management

Ethical management


Beyond the pursuit of profit and social responsibilities of a company, SAMYOUNG INK & PAINT MFG. CO., LTD. will make effort to be honest to customers and improve the rights and profit of shareholders,
pursue coexistence through fair trade with partners,
and provide officers and employees with rewarding experiences and happiness. We will actively practice
the following ethical code of conduct to fulfill our social responsibilities and duties.

  • National and Social Environment

    We will perform our social responsibilities to grow into a company that is belovedby the citizens.

  • Customers

    We understand that customer satisfaction is the foundation of corporate development and make best efforts to enhance customers’ rights and value.

  • Shareholders

    We respect shareholders’ opinion and make best efforts to maximize the rights and investments of shareholders.

  • Partners

    Anyone is guaranteed to have equal
    opportunities to participate in business and build liberal
    and fair partnerships to pursue common development in the long-term perspective.

  • Employees and Officers

    Employees and officers establish a righteous view of ethics based on diligence, sincerity, and harmony and pursue the common benefit of companies without individual interests with honesty and integrity.