Gravure Ink


Gravure Ink

We produced and sold the Gravure Ink for the first time in Korea and have strived to develop and stabilize new products since establishment.
We have proudly led Korea’s Gravure Ink industry with the advanced technology of TOYO INK, Japan and our localized technology.
Gravure ink is widely applied from soft packages to heavy packages, to construction materials in each industry.

More people are interested in protecting the global environment and Gravure Ink is required to be sensitive to the stability of environmental sanitation.
All Gravure Ink officers of SAMYOUNG INK&PAINT INDUSTRIAL,. CO. LTD will make efforts to make ink that is highly functional, stable, and easy to use.

Purpose Characteristics INK SERIES
For paper Solvent type PPVG
For aluminum Solvent type MF.Unic
Water-based type AQUA FINE
For plastic film For laminates FINESTAR, MULTISTAR, LPNYB
For covering PPVG, SB
For water-based laminates AQUAECOL

For paper: Solvent type


This type of ink is widely used for general packaging and art paper with outstanding gloss, friction-resistance and ink transferability.

  • Properties Highly suitable for printing, high gloss
  • Application Various paper-based packages and labels including art paper

For aluminum: Solvent type


This 1-solution ink for AL-FOIL boasts strong adherence to AL-FOIL.


Heat-curing rust-proof ink for aluminum / This is the solvent-resistant and heat-curing rust-proof ink for various aluminum finishes.
It is great for coating and used for various purposes with stable material properties.

  • Properties Heat-curing rust-proof ink
  • Application Aluminum

Plastic film: For laminates


Soft packaging industry, especially food packaging, has the tendency to require small lots of a variety of products and fast delivery, but the reasonability and efficiency of printing process have been a big problem. For these reasons, universal ink is demanded to apply to various types of film. This type of ink has improved suitability for printing in regards to cratering, contamination, and loss of solvent residues.

  • Characteristics
    1. . Widely applied to snacks, boiled, and retort products.
    2. May be applied to various films that are used for laminate packaging materials.
    3. Stable adherence and suitability for laminates.
    4. Exceptional tone reproduction and the high concentration delivers outstanding printing quality with volume.
    5. Less cratering and contamination for quality printing and stable workability.
    6. Less solvent residues.
    7. Free of toluene to ensure stable work environment.
  • Application Most kinds of film used for soft packaging, including OPP, PET, and NYLON films.

[FINESTAR SERIES] comes in the following colors, but please note that the base ink is applied selectively according to purpose. Each color’s number begins with the symbol that represents the area of application.

Colors of FINE STAR SERIES (Available colors are checked.)

NO Standard Color Composition NY MIGRATION (1) PET/CPP (2) NY/CPP (3) PET/AL/CPP (4) Discoloration of Tinting Color
Boil Retort Temp. Non boil 100 120 135 120 135 100 120 135 120 135 Heat-resistance (5) Retort- resistance
1 3 Violet                        
2 11 Red                        
3 16 Red                        
4 F 121 Red         (230)
5 F 22 Yellow          
6 F 23 Yellow            
7 F 523 Orange            
8 F 572 Peony            
9 Z 114 Red    
10 Z 821 Purpose    
11 R 180 Red
12 R 235 Yellow
13 R 262 Yellow
14 R 39 Blue
15 R 79 Green
16 R 92 Black
18 R Reducer

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Limited Application

  • No Mark : SNACK GRADE

AQUAECOL SERIES (Water-based Laminates/Universal)

Many people are interested in the ecology of production and consumption related to global environmental production and effective use of resources.
Gravure printing uses a large amount of organic solvents and is restricted by hydrocarbon emission, fire safety laws and occupational safety and health laws, and chemical material control laws.
These restrictions will be strengthened and the society will demand reduced use of organic solvents.
We have developed [JW250 AQUAECOL] and [JW252 AQUAECOL], the water-based laminate ink, for less contaminating gravure printing.
These products are great for laminates and printing and leave less solvent residues after printing for a better work environment.

  • Characteristics
    1. The ink delivers high performance.
      • Widely applied to non-boil and boil ・retort products in laminate printing ( two-solution ink for boil ・retort products )
      • The ink is stable on various laminates, including films coated with treated OPP, treated PED, treated NY, or PVDC.
      • It is highly concentrated, so it delivers volume even when water-based boards is used.
      • Suitable for quality printing with less cratering and clogging.
    2. Great stability and sanitation.
      • Ensures sanitary work environment with no solvent residues.
      • The base ink is not a hazardous material, so it is stable and not restricted by the fire safety laws.

Scope of Application of AQUAECOL

Purpose Laminates Application to Films

PT Celophane
MT Celophane

Coated Film


Imine EL

Butadiene EL
Isocynate EL  
2 solutions
PPEL - -   - -
Non-solvent Dry  
BOIL Isocynate EL -   -    
Non-solvent Dry - 2 solutions - 2 solutions 2 solutions
Dry - 2 solutions - 2 solutions 2 solutions


(Up to 120℃)
Dry - - - 2 solutions 2 solutions


(Up to 135℃)
Dry - - - 2 solutions 2 solutions

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MULTISTAR SERIES (Laminate – Universal for Snacks)

This ink is widely used for non-boil snack products and delivers exceptional adherence and printing quality on OPP, PET, and NYLON.

  • Characteristics
    • This is a non-toluene ink.
    • Highly applicable (EL, DL, vacuum evaporation)
    • Less solvent residues.
    • Suitable for printing.
  • Application PET, NYLON, OPP

Plastic Films: For covering

PPVG SERIES (Covering – For treated PP)

This ink is for PP FILM covering with high gloss and adherence. It delivers exceptional workability and is suitable for high-speed printing.

SB SERIES (Covering / PS Bottles)

This ink is for PS FILM covering with adherence, friction-resistance, and water-resistance. This ink is used to print the covering of yogurt bottles.

  • CharacteristicsPrintability, workability, friction-resistance, water-resistance
  • ApplicationPS FILM, PS BOTTLE

Ink for Construction Materials: Covering

TITAN SERIES (For Titan paper)

TITAN SERIES is the ink designed to print on Titan paper and suitable for melamine processing.

  • CharacteristicsThis ink is great for printing on melamine boards using high pressure, low pressure, and workability and can be applied to polyester boards.
    • Great for solvent-resistance, photo-resistance, and thermal-resistance.
    • Adherent to melamine, polyester, and DAP resin.
    • Suitable for safe printing.

AQUA HT (Water-based)

AQUA HT SERIES is the water-based Gravure ink for Titan paper that is eco-friendly with significantly improved application to printing and processing. With post-processing, it can ensure stable properties and improve printing quality.

  • Characteristics
    • Water-based ink for Titan paper.
    • Great for processing in various ways.
    • Great printability.

PRIMER for Labeling

This primer for synthetic PP is great for UV printing and TTR properties. This ink has stable material properties to improve printing properties.
  • Characteristics
    • Primer for UV printing
  • Application
    • Synthetic PP, PET, treated PE
The YP NY SERIES is the Halogen-Free type great for UV printing and TTR.
  • Characteristics
    • Primer for UV printing
  • Application
    • Synthetic PP, PET, treated PE
This colorless treatment for PET is great for printing and highly adherent to UV ink.
MF SERIES comes in a wide variety of lineup for various purposes.
This ink is a color-coating agent for paper great for UV printing and sealing.
TTR Treatment
This agent provides TTR property to various kinds of film. Comes in non-glossy, semi-glossy, and colorless types.


UR SERIES is the surface treatment for construction materials and can be applied to various kinds of paper and PVC.

  • UR-283 SERIES / UR-260 SERIES / UR-728 SERIES


This PVC ink secures high gloss, photo-resistance, and weather-resistance.

  • Characteristics Heat-resistance and stability
  • Application PVC flooring, PVC tiles, deco sheets, etc.

KBS HP SERIES (Thermal Transfer)

This Series for thermal transfer onto PET is the most widely used type of ink.
You can use it with the releasing agent and various adhesives for desired adherence and material properties.

Transfer Ink Series

We have a full line of various transfer ink series for steel plates and PVC.
It ensures outstanding printing quality and post-processing qualities.


We develop and supply ink suitable for various surface treatments and purposes according to customer need.
Please discuss with us any technical difficulties and new product development.

Ink for Eco-friendly Construction Materials

Item Use
WPG-AQ SERIES Water-based ink for PVC foam wallpaper
FINE NT SERIES Solvent-type ink for OLEFIN FILM with adherence and photo-resistance
AQUA SERIES Water-based ink paper and aluminum (also for FLEXO, G/R)
AQUA TOP SERIES Water-based OP for G/R: Eco-friendly and safety from fire when printed

IT Industries & Functional Coating and Primer

  • UV cut coating, conductive, non-conductive coating, anti-static electricity agent, etc.
  • Non-glossy treatment for laminate (OPP, PET, NYLON), non-glossy treatment for tracing paper
  • UV SR PRIMER and silicon anti-contamination agent (protective film), etc.
  • Stickers (Primer for synthetic paper, TTR, Primer for PET and OPP, etc.)
  • Primer for aluminum (contamination-resistant, printability, strong adhesion, etc.)
  • Heat-curing dust-proof coating for aluminum finish
  • OP vanish for various uses

Various Surface Treatments

Various surface treatments

  • We are developing and using surface treatments used on various containers.
    Please discuss with us any technical difficulties and new product development.