Metal Decorating Inks


Metal Decorating

SAMYOUNG INK&PAINT INDUSTRIAL,.CO.LTD has been the only metal decorating ink producer of Korea since 1976 and we develop and produce unmatched products with exceptional vividness, reproduction of halftone, suitability of wet printing, workability, chemical properties, photo-resistance, and friction-resistance through technical partnership with TOYO, Japan for 3PIECE (tubes, food tubes, caps, etc...) and 2PIECE (beverage can) surfaces. For the beverage tubes, we have successfully developed water-based and oil-based ink for the first time for high concentration and high-speed printing.

① 2Pieces INK

2Piece INK is mostly used for beverage cans and PE-TUBES (cosmetics, drug containers, etc.). 2Piece tubes are D&I (DRAWN & IRONED) cans.
They can be classified into beverage tubes (juice, fruit, etc.), carbonated beverage tubes (soda, ionized drinks, etc.,) and retort tubes (coffee, oolong tea, etc.).

② 3Pieces INK

3Piece Tubes are mostly applied to cans with side beams and 2Piece D.R.D (DRAWN & REDRAWN) cans for farm/livestock/fishery produce (tuna, etc.).
The materials are usually AL, STEEL, and HI-TOP. 3Piece INK NEW MDK SERIES can easily adjust moisture absorbance and easy to process with improved quality of offset with printing thanks to weather stability (Yogore, emulsification) and piling.