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Ideal Figure

The SAMYOUNG member pioneering change with passion and innovation.

  • Challenging Minds

    Making ceaselessefforts with an active and creative mindset.

  • Ambitious Minds

    Making determination to achieve goal with a delightful mindset.

  • Innovative Minds

    Discovering new value and creating better value with what is given.

  • Cooperative Minds

    Connecting people to people and solving problems as one mind.

Responsibility System

Responsibilities and positions are assigned according to the following systems by building an organic and flexible organization with a culture that is always communicating and cooperating to quickly adjust to the fast-paced management environment.

Human Resources Evaluation Systems

Human Resources Evaluation

We evaluate our members’ capabilities and performances objectively and accurately to identify their potential values.

Use of Human Resources Evaluation

  • Arrangement

    We evaluate the individual aptitudes and abilities accurately and arrange them accordingly for efficient operation of human resources

  • Fair Compensations

    We evaluate the capabilities and performances of each individual and apply the results to their promotion and salary decisions for their morale and efficiency.

  • Development of Abilities

    We evaluate each individual’s potentials and operate various training programs to provide opportunities to grow.

Welfare and Benefits

SAMYOUNG INK & PAINT MFG. CO., LTD. operates various welfare and benefit systems in addition to the systems required by law for our employees’ and their families’ financial stability and our employees’ love and devotion for the company. By doing so, they can pursue mutual development of the company and themselves and have trust in the company to contribute to the company’s management objectives.

  • Support for Financial Stability

    Allowances for congratulation and condolence / Vacation for congratulation and condolence, flower arrangement for congratulation and condolence, offspring’s tuition, workplace safe, employees’ insurance, gift certificates for birthdays, gifts for holiday season

  • Housing

    Dormitories for employees

  • Cultural Life

    Various clubs (hiking, soccer, golf, tennis, bicycle, etc.), special benefits for long-term service, allowances for foreign language training (Japanese, English, and Chinese)

  • Health Examination

    Regular health examination, regular visit to assigned hospitals, allowance for cancer examination

  • Other

    We operate various amenities for our employees’ benefits and convenience, including table tennis center, fitness center, cafeteria, lounge, and commuting shuttles.

Types of employment

Frequent recruitment

Regular recruitment of necessary personnel (new or experienced) is performed at regular or frequent intervals, and individual notification is made to employees registered to our employee POOL.

A typical procedure

  • Receiving applications
  • Document screening
  • Interview process
  • A final pass

How to Support

Submit email for online job placement (
Please note that you may not have the opportunity to hire your company as the support area and number of employees will be determined according to our workforce plan.

An application document

Resume / Self introductionHow to Save a File: (Support_Name)

Support Requirements

Check online recruitment notices by recruitment type


If the details of your job application are found to be false, you can cancel your job application.
If you have any questions regarding your employment, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

Question for employment

  • Recruiting Staff : Personnel in General Affairs (031.686.7745)
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